Just How BIG is STARTERS? See here!

This is a display from my Brazilian publisher, Novo Conceito, at the Sao Paulo Book Fair, the world’s third largest book fair, going on now. Their way of showing how it is their BIG book of the year!  I didn’t believe it myself but you can see the person in it, for scale.

The publisher sent me more photos of the fair today!

It’s such a thrill to think of teens all over the world reading STARTERS. I love getting the fan mail asking when are we going to see the movie?

If you understand Portuguese, here is an journalist leading a discussion about STARTERS with teens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzU9kmlgLHQ  

This is all so amazing. Muito obrigada,  Novo Conceito!




    1. Hah! I have nowhere to put it! It looks like it’s 12 feet tall. And shipping from Brazil…

  1. Wow, that’s plain awesomeness! When will the next book come out?

    1. The exact date has not been set yet, due to some good news that we cannot announce yet. I’m in the rewrite stage of it.

  2. So, so great!

    You MUST, of course, secure the big book. Someday — hopefully way, way, way in the future — it would make an excellent tombstone. Until then, it would redefine “coffee table book”. You could simply lay it down in front of the couch and voila! Furniture!

    1. Everyone is telling me this. Not gonna happen. Do you see the size of that baby? I am just loving the Brazilian book people to pieces! 🙂

      1. Reminds me of that old proverb, “If you can’t get a giant book, you might as well love the Brazilian book people to pieces.”

  3. Oooooh!! It’s just amazing!! I’m brazilian and just fell in love with Starters!

    1. I am so happy to hear that. Love my Brazilian readers!

  4. I was there and I bought your book, its perfect *-* Congratulations
    Muito Obrigado por escrevê-lo =)

  5. Hi! I was there in that day and was AMAZING!
    I bought my “Starters” at the Sao Paulo Book Fair in 08/19 😀
    i love yooou Lissa!!

  6. Hi Lissa! When you come to Brazil? My Starters arrived yesterday in my house and I’m crazy for read. I loved see that you like the big book of Starters.



  7. Eu fui a feira do livro, comprei o Starters e li todinho em uma tarde !! Muito bom o livro ! Espero que a continuação venha rapidamente. Parabéns Lissa !!! Congratulations.. I really love Starters !!!

  8. Hey Lissa!!!
    I’m brazilian and I was there, and it was amazing to see your book on that size! Wish you all the best! =D Hope one day you could come to São Paulo to visit your fans here haha
    Millions of hugs and kisses!!

  9. Nice, isn’t it?

    I’m from Rio de Janeiro and I can’t wait to visit the book fair
    next year. This year it was in São Paulo but next year will be
    right here. It’s always like this, you know. So I can’t wait to
    see you here! I’m reading Starters and loving it. I have a blog that’s
    a Novo Conceito’s partner and as soon as I finish reading, I’ll talk about
    the book and provide a giveaway.

    Wish you the best, Lissa!

  10. I’m Brazilian and I was at the book fair. I took pictures with the big book”Starter”. I read your book and loved it, I look forward to the continuation! Congratulations on the success!

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