Want to get your YA manuscript published? How to Write a Query Letter

So maybe you’re using the holiday weekend to think about how to get published.  First of all, be sure your manuscript is ready. I mean it’s at the point where your writing group and beta readers have given you all the notes they can and are now saying, this is great, it’s time to get it out there. Be sure it’s the best you can make it. Then the next step is to compose a query letter.

These agents have some of the best query letter advice:




(she has more information and great examples so scan the topics on her home page)


And this book is a wonderful reference for more than just query letters:


Below is a great example of a recent query letter for a manuscript that had been shopped by another agent. It’s written by the wonderful Rae Carson. There are excellent links there too:


Good luck! And remember, while you are waiting, write your next project.


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