Twilight’s Bella (in Germany) voices my Callie

When the Twilight films show in Germany,  Annina Braunmiller is the voice of Bella (normally Kristin Stewart when in English). She also is the narrator for the Twilight audio books in German.

And now for mine.

She’ll be the narrator for the German audio book of STARTERS. I’m so excited. And this is my wonderful rockstar German editor:

Carsten Polzin.  We had a wonderful dinner meeting during WFC in San Diego, Halloween weekend. I’m so happy that a few years ago he put aside his law degree to go with his love of publishing. He’s got great taste, and has cooked up amazing plans for STARTERS in Germany, some of which you can see at the IVI site. Thank you, Carsten, for all that you’re doing!

I am so lucky to have Random House in the US and IVI, Piper Verlag in Germany (not to mention all my other foreign publishers – I love them all).


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