My last full day in Manila started with a blogger event in one of the PowerBooks Bookstores. What a gorgeous group! (If this is the first post you’re reading of the Philippines book tour, please start here  – there are three posts total, counting this one).

Starters blue nails

Starters nails!

Starters blue nails 2

Note that’s not the book, but a cool purse she had made for me!


This blogger had a first-printing, first-edition! But we had to leave this fun and head for the 35th annual Manila International Book Festival.


Tour Sign

This is one of the largest international book conferences. We heard the fans had started lining up since three in the morning to get their tickets and our signing was in the afternoon. We all decided we’d extend the tickets for signing from 200 to 300. But it meant we had to get through all 300 in two hours, our allotted time.


Someone from the team walked part of the 300-person line to photograph some of it. I just love these faces.


1798920_10152378042471914_3477343439488618049_oThey’re in really good spirits considering how long they were waiting.


These guys might have waited the longest — they’re sitting.

Bookstore signing line

When we were brought in for the signing, we went right to it. We were told to only personalize one book (“to x”), and then sign the rest. So we couldn’t do the little messages that we typically like to do, but it was our choice so that all 300 people could get their books signed. I apologize for how rushed that must have seemed, but at least everyone got to have their photo taken.

Bookstore signing line 2

These wonderful fans are standing to my right, just saying hi. I saw them the previous day at either the blogger event or at the Manila mall. The cute girl on the right in the blue jacket is Eriele. She and Charles (not pictured) are @StartersPH on twitter. If you’re in the PH, follow them.

bookmark photo

IMG_3950 We had a basket on the floor beside us for the wonderful gifts the fans gave us. Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness and the beautiful letters. I’m truly touched. I couldn’t include photos of all the wonderful gifts but know that I love each one and every note. I hope I will see you again when I return someday.

rotated pen  To the two ladies who gave me the lovely Lamy pen, thank you so much. It is on my desk as my “good luck” pen, meant to sign important contracts!


A memorable last meal – Chinese – with the team.

 Salamat, Sir Miguel at sa lahat. Mahal kita NBS! Thank you all so much for making this tour absolutely perfect.  Until we meet again.



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