Lisa Price-Kami Garcia-4

You know Kami Garcia from BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and UNBREAKABLE. I’ll be forever grateful to her because she blurbed STARTERS long before she ever met me. This is a taste of her birthday party, hosted by her partner-in-crime, Margaret Stohl who also has her solo series beginning with the wonderful ICONS.


Dangerous dames with knives.

Lisa Price-Kami Garcia-2

Kami with the fake book I gave her, bought from Once Upon A Time Bookstore. I told her it’s a book she doesn’t have to read! (it opens up to be a keepsake box). I want one for myself.

Lisa Price-Kami Garcia-3

That’s Ransom Riggs’ finger.

Lissa Price-Kami Garcia-1

And there’s Ransom with his lovely bride Tahereh Mafi (SHATTER ME) and me – extremely jet-lagged.

Lissa Price-Kami Garcia-1.2

Kami opening the big group gift we gave her. Big bag hiding something small…

Lissa Price-Kami Garcia-1.3

It’s a bracelet!

Lisa Price-Kami Garcia-1.4.1

With safety pins – edge and bling. So Kami. Wonderful party, great food, YA peeps, kids, couldn’t have been a better night.


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