Starters is in its 8th Printing!

Found out today that STARTERS is in the  8th printing  now and ENDERS is actually going into a second printing already! Thanks to you who made it happen, we’re all very grateful.


That’s how happy I am!

Copies in bookstores now will still be first printings of Enders. Anyone who would still like to nab a first-edition, first printing of Enders  signed can order from Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose, CA. And you can put in the remarks that you want it inscribed to you or someone else and I will drop in there to do that for you. It might be possible to ship to your International location.

They are a terrific bookstore, I believe the oldest one in the US specializing in children’s books. They also have great gifts (the puppets!), stationary items and can order any book for you. The store was going to close a few years ago and the new owner was a customer who couldn’t stand to see it close, so she took it over. She and her family have devoted themselves to making it a wonderful, vibrant place to meet authors. Kid fantasy author Brandon Mull will be there 3/26.

Can you tell I love them?





  1. Hi! I’m a 5th grade teacher and I have some fans of your books (including myself!). We are dying to know, does Enders end Callie’s journey, or do you plan on writing another book? We know there are the mini audiobooks, but what happens next???

    Just wondering 🙂
    Joy Benjamin
    Maddie W.
    Brecken E.

    1. Hi teacher! I always love hearing from teachers, thank you! I’ve had so many requests for a continuation that I am seriously exploring that. Nothing official, but these characters seem to have more to say. Those shorts, btw, are e-shorts so they don’t have to be heard as audiobooks. If you’re a teacher in the US, email me via the form on the site (contact Lissa) and I’ll send you bookmarks.

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