Love Trouble with Tribbles?


David Gerrold, the writer of the famous “Trouble With Tribbles” Star Trek episode is endorsing me for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. He’s also known for The Martian Child, a Hugo and Nebula winner.

I wrote about this award given at the Hugo Awards ceremony here  where you can see other endorsements. I’m posting this reminder because I just found out the author and moderator of my panel at the Chicago Worldcon, author  Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who said glowing things about Starters – listen  here  –  didn’t even know I was eligible. And the deadline is in two days – 3/31.

If you can help me spread the word to any Hugo voters, I am in my second and last year of eligibility to be nominated. I’m one of 20 authors who have their novel excerpts published in the Campbellian Anthology, available for a free download by anyone. This will expire at some point. It also has “Portrait of a Spore,” my short story that is otherwise only available in the paperback of Starters (not in any e-version).

Hugo voters may nominate five writers for this category. The voters are made up of members who have paid for a membership to Worldcon last year (LoneStarCon) or this year (LonCon3).

The Campbellian Anthology, edited by M. David Blake here.

Not sure if you can vote? Everything you need to know here.

Membership lookup for LoneStarCon 2013 here.

My post on Lytherus about going from fangirl to Campbell-eligible author here.


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